Privacy Policy

All personal data necessary to process an order are safely stored by JARTAZI (Unique4Sports BV) or its employees, and can be passed on to companies with which JARTAZI (Unique4Sports BV) or its service providers cooperate, when this is necessary for the processing of the order.

Whenever JARTAZI (Unique4Sports BV) passes on personal data to third parties, these third parties are only allowed to process the personal data for purposes that are strictly related to their tasks. These third parties are bound by the conditions that JARTAZI (Unique4Sports BV) imposes on them, which guarantees the protection of your privacy.

Besides the above described purposes, JARTAZI (Unique4Sports BV) can also process your personal data for publicity purposes. All advertising sent to you will be related to products of JARTAZI (Unique4Sports BV). If you would object to this use of your personal data, you can choose to unsubscribe from JARTAZI advertising initiatives that are sent to you via our e-newsletters.

All commercial e-mails from JARTAZI (Unique4Sports BV) contain an unsubscribe link, on which you can click to unsubscribe.

It goes without saying that all your personal data will be treated strictly confidential, and that strict attention will be paid to the protection of your legitimate interests as provided by law. JARTAZI (Unique4Sports BV) will never sell your personal data to third parties.


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